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Young children can derive significant benefits from learning the names of animals. This resource provides a comprehensive list of animal names, along with activities that can aid in your child's learning about the animal kingdom.



·        Farm Animals
·        Forest Animals
·        Jungle Animals
·        Aquatic Animals
·        Desert Animals
·        Savanna Animals

Farm Animals

These are the animals typically found on a farm, as well as domesticated animals like cats and dogs.

cat    dog    cow    Sheep

rabbit    duck    chicken    rooster

horse    pig    donkey    goat

Forest Animals

Here, you can explore various animals that inhabit forests and mountainous regions around the world.

squirrel    snail    mouse    chameleon

deer    raccoon    moose    antelope

beaver    weasel    hedgehog    ferret

koala (aeronaughty)    wolf    lynx    anteater

panda bear    grizzly-bear    panther    black bear

Jungle Animals

You can find a variety of animals that live in jungle regions from around the world here.

snake    bat    tiger    leopard

parrot    eagle    cockatoo    orangutan

Aquatic Animals

You can explore a range of creatures that live in aquatic habitats around the world here.

fish    octopus    turtle    frog

whale    crab    lobster    shark

seahorse    hippopotamus    squid    swan

dolpnin    starfish    seagull    crocodile

Desert Animals

Here, you can discover a variety of animals that inhabit desert regions from all around the world.

fox    armadillo    camel    coyote

Savanna Animals

You can explore a diverse range of animals that live in savanna regions from around the world right here.

lion    elephant    cheetah Giraffe



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