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To assist children in learning the English alphabet, incorporate entertaining activities like games and songs that make use of the alphabet, since it serves as the foundation of English communication.



·        ABC Phonics
·        Alphabet Song
·        Alphabet Practice Worksheets

ABC Phonics

Let's start practicing the sounds of each letter with your little ones and improve their English speaking skills.
While learning the names of the letters is important, their pronunciation doesn't always correspond to their sounds. That's why phonics is crucial!
By learning phonics, children can better understand how words are constructed and improve their reading, speaking, and spelling abilities.
Take a look at the phonetic sounds of each letter:

a – /eɪ/ (as in "cake")
b – /biː/ (as in "bee")
c – /siː/ (as in "see")
e – /iː/ (as in "me")
f – /ɛf/ (as in "ef-fort")
g – /dʒiː/ (as in "giant")
h – /eɪtʃ/ (as in "haitch")
i – /aɪ/ (as in "eye")
j – /dʒeɪ/ (as in "jay")
k – /keɪ/ (as in "kite")
l – /ɛl/ (as in "let")
m – /ɛm/ (as in "me")
n – /ɛn/ (as in "men")
o – /oʊ/ (as in "boat")
p – /piː/ (as in "pee")
q – /kjuː/ (as in "cue")
r – /ɑr/ (as in "car")
s – /ɛs/ (as in "set")
t – /tiː/ (as in "tea")
u – /juː/ (as in "you")
v – /viː/ (as in "vee")
w – /ˈdʌbəl juː/ (as in "double-u")
x – /ɛks/ (as in "x-ray")
y – /waɪ/ (as in "why")
z – /zɛd/ (as in "zed")

Alphabet Song

Kids adore music, so integrating songs and melodies into the alphabet learning process can create a more delightful experience. Check out this fantastic ABC song, which can assist your little ones in mastering the English alphabet.


Worksheets to Practice the Alphabet

Printable alphabet worksheets feature illustrations for each letter of the English alphabet, helping young learners match words with corresponding images. Both uppercase and lowercase letters are included for all ages to practice writing.

Alphabet Worksheets

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